How to access the studio ?

STEP 1 – Open Outer Entrance

The first step is done by going to 7 Rue Halévy, Nice in the building called Terra-Mare. In the previous page you can retrieve a complete access description from Airport, Rail Station

Then when you arrive, you have to buzz the apartment ACHARGUI – HALIVIERA.

Complete Video:

When you hear the Intercom buzzing ACHARGUI – HALIVIERA (the voice is saying “Appel en cours”), immediately click on that button and wait few seconds:

The door should be opened, if not retry or Go to the end of this page and contact me by app or message.

STEP 2 – Open the second door

There is a second door in the lobby of the building.

The code to open it is 3697A.

STEP 3 – Take the Elevator/Lift or the Stairs – Go to the 1st floor.

The apartment is located on the first floor (1st), be careful in France levels starts at 0, 1st floor in France = 2nd floor in the U.S. for instance.

If you are athletic, take the stairs, there is only a single floor and it’s good for your health.

Otherwise, an elevator is available.

STEP 4 – Open the Apartment via the Nuki Smart Lock App

The apartment is located on the first floor, second door on the left, the apartment is named ACHARGUI – HALIVIERA.

An invitation code was sent to you by email an/or app (via Airbnb messages , Booking messages, and or Mail) 24 hours before the beginning of your stay, inviting you to download the Nuki Smart Lock application on Apple Store or Google Play.

First of all, if it was not done, please download the application or launch it:

Then enter the invitation code in the Nuki App:

Once the lock is added to the app, you can open the door of the Apartment marked ACHARGUI – HALIVIERA via the Nuki App staring the beginning of your stay, usually at 16:00 PM.

Then during your stay you will be able to use the Nuki App and this webpage OR the two badges available (which is easier IMO):

  • Blue badge to open the two doors of the building. You can still use your phone to open the main building door as a backup solution but it’s honestly less convenient than this badge.
  • Black badge (NUKI) to open the apartment door by pressing the button. You still can use your phone and the Nuki App for this operation. You can still use your phone to open the studio as a backup solution.

Lost ? Error ? I’m available

I am available via Airbnb / Booking Messages / WhatsApp or calls. You can also contact directly contact me by phone at + in case of difficulties.